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Yokai Watch Fan Made Tribe by PokeYokai Yokai Watch Fan Made Tribe :iconpokeyokai:PokeYokai 3 0 GiganticTom: Real Face by PokeYokai GiganticTom: Real Face :iconpokeyokai:PokeYokai 2 3 Yokai Watch OC by PokeYokai Yokai Watch OC :iconpokeyokai:PokeYokai 1 2
PMDU: SS Family Reunion
As they look at each other intensely, Rocky shouted out each others names.
"Uh, can someone tell me what's going on?" said Aqua.  She felt so stunned and lost about the unexpected reunion that has happened.  She turned to Alex.  "Do you know what's happening?"
Alexis replied, "How would I know?"
"T-thirty years...," Hector shuddered.  "Thirty long years since you left.  Why didn't you write for all these years?  You were gone for so long that I lost hope that you were still alive!"
"Dad,"  Rocky replied.  "I-I can explain-"
"EXPLAIN WHAT?" He shouted while a little teary-eyed.  "Why didn't you contact me after all these years?  I was all alone ever since your mother passed away.  I sent about a million letters for years and you never once wrote back to your old man?"
"Wha- Mom is dead?"
"....Yes!" he answered with after calming down.  "Long after you left us, a terrible flood ravaged our village, the reason
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PMDU: Cactus Fields-Hunters Task Placeholder
Since I didn't start the story with Luminous Forest, I decided to do a placeholder so I can let them participate.  Don't worry, I'll write about them soon.
:iconpokeyokai:PokeYokai 4 0
PMDA: The Will to Survive!
"So all we need to do is to finish to obstacle course in order to join the survivalists!"  Azalea thought.  "Sounds easy enough!"
After hearing Sinbad's "encouraging" speech, many of the survivalists, along with Jade Honor, rushed into the forest and split ways to find the exit.  Joan and Azalea are on their in a dark, danger-filled forest, but the girls bravely running through it.
"Be vigilant, Azalea!" Joan spoke as she looks around the forest.  "There many hidden traps and absolutes around here.  We need to find the finish line in order to complete the course."
"I know."  Azalea replied.
"Also, if you encounter an absolute, try not to kill it, otherwise we'll both be-"
Perhaps she spoke too soon because a group of Luxrays infected with absolute bursts through the bushes and landed in front of the group.  Three of them of course.
"...Disqualified."  After finishing her sentence, She and Azalea prepare themselves for the fight of their lives.
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PMDU- Cactus Fields: Explorers Task
Explorers Task 1: Rescue on the Rocks
"Do I have to, Grandpa?"
"Yes!  It's time for you to do things on your own.  There are many explorers who are also coming this mission."
"But what about you?  What will you be doing?"
"I'll be helping out in the barbecue.  A man my age needs to take it easy for while.  Also, you gotta fend for yourself.  I won't be around forever you know.  Besides, I talked to Gavina and she gave me the OK.  So take care, Kiddo!"  Hector leaves.
As she sighs in disappointment, a familiar fire dog approaches Aqua.
"What a matter?," Alexis said.  "You look down in the dumps, girl!"
"Hi Alex!  It's my grandpa, he's staying behind to man the booth while I go on a mission by myself.  This is the first time for me.
Alexis wraps her arms around the turtle, attempting to comfort her.  "Cheer up, everyone needs to do things on their own.  It's a part of growing up.  Besides, you're
:iconpokeyokai:PokeYokai 4 2
PMDO: Mission 1 Cameos
I would like to have cameos to help Team team Aura Star on a fun mission.
Fruitfall Forest- I need some adventurer teams to compete with and fast enough to swipe a berry in a huff.

Artemis and Theta's Mission- I need some raiders to challenge for this mission and other adventurers too.
Sorry for running late for my cameos.  Hope it was worth it!
Update 09/17/15
I'm in need of both adventurer and raider teams for my cameos!
:iconpokeyokai:PokeYokai 1 5
PMDU- Cactus Fields Prologue
"So hot!"
During a long trek through Geoda, a certain Wartortle complains about the stifling heat in the desert inside the caravan she's riding along with her grandfather and a few others.  Hector doesn't feel anything since he's fire type.  He checks in for his granddaughter.
"Are you alright, my little turtle?  You don't look so hot!  Hehehe!
"Ha Ha!  Very funny!  So how long are is this trek, I'm frying here?"
"Oh quit bellyaching!  You can use your rain dance to cool off"
"And flood the entire caravan with us in it?  Forget it!"
A familiar voice came from a Hawlucha that is sharing the same caravan as SS.  A Floette, also taking the heat, complains about it as well.
"Well how can we cool off?  I feel like I'm going to cook in here."
"Allow me to assist!"  The Amaura that stepped forward is named Ally, member of the researcher team, Glacial Herb.  "It may not be much but I can use my Icy Wind a little too cool you of
:iconpokeyokai:PokeYokai 5 2
Cactus Field Tasks- Explorer and Hunter Cameos
Hello fellow deviants, I would like a couple of cameos from both explorers and hunters.  I also need background characters, either teams or NPC's, regardless of the guild.
Teams that will aid SS to do a rescue mission:

1. from
2. from
3. from
Teams will help LR stop Reuben's devious sabotage:
1. from
2. from
3. from
Background Characters:
1. from
2. from
3. from
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PMDA: Team Jade Honor Errand Tales 2
J: Azalea!  How's about we do two errands in one day?
A: Two errands on one day?  Is it even allowed?
J: The Luxio I met says that we can try as many we want.  I've already picked out 2 errands for today.  Each of us will do one errand for the day.  That way, we'll get things done faster.
A: When you put it that way, it's actually not bad.  What errands did you bring?
J: I got one errand that is best  suited just for you.  Here!
Joan passes one of the errands to Azalea.  The cactus reads the paper.
J: Well, my friend.  Good luck!
A: Yeah, good luck to you.
And so, Azalea and Joan went their separate ways.  Joan went with the food task, while Azalea went with the hitman task (which is not about killing, of course.  Azalea managed to find the house where her client is living.  It was small, old house with a few broken windows and vines growing around it.  Azalea knocked on the door.
???: Coming!
When the door opens, it
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PMDA: Team Jade Honor Errand Tales 1
Early in the morning, Joan and Azalea head to the errand board to do their first errand.
A: An errand?  It's not as exciting!  When will we do a real mission?
J: All in due time, my friend.  But right now, let's give these a try. 
Joan looks at the board and spots a request to take and shows it to Azalea.
J: How about this one?
The paper reads "My baby is lost. Head on over to The Underground City. I will give you 5 Coins (so long as you do it with haste).
A: Sure, why not?  It beats looking for scrap all day.
And so the girls visit the Stoutland mother in her house in order to find out what happened.  The mother said that she sent her child to Underground City to fetch some berries.  After a while, he didn't come back so she was worried that something must've happened to him.  She said his name was Archie and he wears a blue collar around his neck and a sack.
J: Don't worry, Ma'am!  We'll locate your child.
And so, the
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PMDA- Mission 0: Papers, Please!
On their way to a place to call home, Joan and her partner, Azalea, followed a path that eventually lead them to Aster Village.  They were excited to see another town after days of wandering.
"At last," cried Joan.  "We have reached civilization after so long!"
"It's about time we found this place," Azalea said.  "If I had to trek a few days more, I would've lost it."
"Oh stop complaining, Azalea!  You have legs strong enough to go on for days"
"Speak for yourself.  You're floating and you don't even have feet!"
"That true!  By the way, what's that under your feet?"
Azalea reached the ground to grab a piece of paper.  "What is this crap?"
Joan swiped the paper from the cactus' hands.
Joan read the paper.  "Hmmm... it seems to be a research paper about anatomies of Pokemon.  Judging from the fact that it ended up near the edge of the village, some clumsy oaf must've dropped more of it nearby hours ago."
"Who cares?  Can we tear it
:iconpokeyokai:PokeYokai 1 0
PMDA: Jade Honor Application
Team Name: Jade Honor
Guild Affiliation: Survivalists
Team Ranking: D; 8 Team Points
Authenticated by: Devdas Gadhavi, Registrar
"Fight for what you believe in, not for another's belief"
Joan (AKA Jojo) // ♀ // Honedge
Unknown // Influence: 2
Calm // Loves to fight // No Guard

--Her appearance is just like any of her species, except she has green eyes instead of blue

Move 1: Shadow Claw
--Description: Joan's blade is enveloped in an eerie aura and slashes with it, causing critical damage.
Move 2: Swords Dance
--Description: Joan will do a spinning dance to increase her strength and cutting power.
Move 3: Iron Defense
--Description: Joan uses her scabbard to increase her defense, reducing damage.
Move 4: Retaliate
--Description: If her ally faints or dies, Joan will go into a rage and slash the victim with tremendous power.
Item 1:
:iconpokeyokai:PokeYokai 3 0
PMDO: Team Aura Stars' Inventory
1 // Accessory Voucher
2 // item here
3 // item here
4 // item here
5 // item here
6 // item here
7 // item here
8 // item here
9 // item here
10 // item here
11 // item here
12 // item here
13 // item here
14 // item here
15 // item here
16 // item here
17 // item here
18 // item here
19 // item here
20 // item here
21 // item here
22 // item here
23 // item here
24 // item here
25 // item here
:iconpokeyokai:PokeYokai 0 0
PMDO: Mission 0- Team Aura Stars' First Mission
Fungal Forest-  Our heroes, Rune and Lexy, along with other adventurers, archivists, and merchants are taking a ride on one of the caravans while protecting from from brazen raiders that try to steal from them.  So far, no attack has been reported, but they are still keeping guard.
Rune: Finally, we got our first mission.  I can't wait to beat up some bad guys!
Lexy: Don't get your hopes up, what if we end up facing stronger opponents?  Even we can't handle them on our own!
R: Nag, nag, nag!  That's the point of this mission; you know I like to challenge myself.  Besides, we have alot of teams who will back us up, see?
Rune points at two of the teams from adventurer and archivist guilds sitting near them: One consisting of a Delibird and a Poochyena, and another consisting of an Eevee and a Litleo.  Adolf the Poochyena speaks to Rune and Lexy about his partner.
Adolf: Well, not all of us.  Casper isn't a battle-ready type of guy.  Also, we w
:iconpokeyokai:PokeYokai 3 3


Letraset Pen: Oni Demon Girl by ChaosRazumonXD Letraset Pen: Oni Demon Girl :iconchaosrazumonxd:ChaosRazumonXD 2 0 Undertale Deluxe: A Starman Adventure 40 by GatesMcCloud Undertale Deluxe: A Starman Adventure 40 :icongatesmccloud:GatesMcCloud 39 4 Tenjoh In-Game Map by Boruto Tenjoh In-Game Map :iconboruto:Boruto 19 10 Sonic Mania by ss2sonic Sonic Mania :iconss2sonic:ss2sonic 950 31 Pigeon Day by PurpleKama Pigeon Day :iconpurplekama:PurpleKama 14 3 Kirby but plant by Ant0on Kirby but plant :iconant0on:Ant0on 2 0 Mythical Fakemon Impani - Eyrenak Region Dex by fauxlens Mythical Fakemon Impani - Eyrenak Region Dex :iconfauxlens:fauxlens 55 8 Neo Knights #17 cover by UncleYuu Neo Knights #17 cover :iconuncleyuu:UncleYuu 2 0 Spooky 163 by ChaosKomori Spooky 163 :iconchaoskomori:ChaosKomori 64 6 The Lass by NapalmKrillos The Lass :iconnapalmkrillos:NapalmKrillos 16 8 Dr Vulpecula by NapalmKrillos Dr Vulpecula :iconnapalmkrillos:NapalmKrillos 16 4 Susanoo, Japanese god of the raging storms by AtmaFlare Susanoo, Japanese god of the raging storms :iconatmaflare:AtmaFlare 50 15 Red Star: Dawn Over Moscow by nrrork Red Star: Dawn Over Moscow :iconnrrork:nrrork 19 2 The Inner Demons (Better Description) by EventHorizontal The Inner Demons (Better Description) :iconeventhorizontal:EventHorizontal 61 27 Aeternae - Chapter 1 - Page 9 by Ceirque Aeternae - Chapter 1 - Page 9 :iconceirque:Ceirque 3 0 Yo-Kai Watch (Beach Hime) by ENDORE050 Yo-Kai Watch (Beach Hime) :iconendore050:ENDORE050 25 16


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